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Technology Transfer Office: Our Service Arm

Technology Transfer Office:  Our Service Arm

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) was established in 2006 to manage the University’s invention disclosures and intellectual property assets. It also promotes and facilitates the transfer of innovations and research discoveries made at HKU so as to benefit both the University community and the general public.

The TTO provides services and support to all University academic staff on matters relating to technology transfer, intellectual property protection, research-related collaborative or service contracts, applied research, and industrial and business relationships. When a project reaches the point where it is ready for a contract, it is passed to Versitech for contract negotiations and closure.


  • Facilitate intellectual property protection and commercialisation of technologies developed at HKU by
    • Evaluating applications to patent inventions, and the commercial viability of inventions
    • Overseeing patent and trademark undertakings
    • Drafting, scrutinizing and advising on research-related agreements
  • Develop links between the University and parties in technology commercialisation
  • Organize  educational events to foster an innovative and entrepreneurial culture at HKU

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