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Patent Applications

The patent application process

It generally takes 30 working days for a decision to be reached on a patent application, starting from the day the application is received. This can vary depending on the quality of material provided by the researcher/inventor.

Generally, the inventor files an Invention Disclosure Form and supporting documents to the Technology Transfer Office, which will submit an evaluation report to the Evaluation Committee.  The Evaluation Committee will decide if a patent application will be filed.

  1. Inventors need to:
    • Fill out the Invention Disclosure Form and submit it to the TTO. They need to enclose a hard copy and CD of any associated manuscript or abstract, if available, and copies of all references cited, if available.
    • Conduct a literature search.
    • Conduct a market study and competitive analysis. Identify potential licensee contacts.
    • Draft the specifications and claims of the patent application should this go ahead.
  2. The TTO will:
    • Docket and acknowledge receipt of the Invention Disclosure Form. The form and accompanying documents will be stamped “Confidential” and filed in a database.
    • Conduct a patent search and market analysis where appropriate, review these with in-house specialists and provide a report to the Evaluation Committee.
    • Execute the decision of the Evaluation Committee.
  3. The Evaluation Committee will:
    • Review the Invention Disclosure Form and assess the patentability and marketability of the invention.
    • Decide whether the invention disclosure should go forward for patent application and, if so, the type of application and the countries as appropriate.
    • If the University does not go forward with the patent application but the inventor decides to file the patent from their own resources (not a third-party resource), the Evaluation Committee will recommend to the University if the intellectual property rights of the patent should be assigned to the inventor.
  4. If the application goes ahead, the inventor will draft and submit the patent specification and claims to the TTO.
  5. The TTO files the application.