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Information Session: TSSSU@HKU

Information Session of TSSSU@HKU
10 Oct 2014

Over 80 students, staff and alumni attended the Information Session today as Professor Paul Cheung, Associate Vice-President (Research), introduced the TSSSU@HKU program to the audience.

Powerpoint slides of the presentation: http://www.tto.hku.hk/public/tsssu/Presentation_to_Staff_V1_1.pdf

TSSSU@HKU website: http://tto.hku.hk/tsssu

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Call for Applications: TSSSU@HKU
07 Oct 2014 - 31 Oct 2014

Are you aspired by the success of technology companies like Google and BGI which bring real impact to humankind? Do you want to start your own company and convert your new ideas and research achievements into commercially viable products and services? Here comes an opportunity for you to realize your dream by translating your new technologies into business opportunities. TSSSU@HKU is a new award scheme ...

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Intellectual Property Protection for Creative Ideas, Innovative Inventions and Emerging Technologies
07 May 2014

Dr Frank Wan illustrated how the patent law actually works with some high profile cases happened recently.

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Entrepreneurs in Action – How to Put Everything Together and Get it Started, with Limited Resources
30 Apr 2014

Dr Dominic Chan shared his wisdom on how to start a business lean and mean with the EA participants.

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HSBC Youth Business Award 2014 – Briefing Session
29 Apr 2014

The guest speakers of the Briefing Session were well received by enthusiastic audiences from various faculties.

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The Making of a Business – A Network Perspective
23 Apr 2014

Dr Gilbert Wong explained the benefits of connecting with “useful friends” and growing your social capital.

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Creating Startup Success - Business Model Design and Entrepreneurial Leadership
16 Apr 2014

Professor Simon Lam emphasized that an excellent business model is the key to business success.

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Know How to Count – A Crash Course in Accounting Basics
09 Apr 2014

Dr Sammy Fung enthralled the audience with his talk on "Know How to Count – A Crash Course in Accounting Basics".

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The 5 Dynamics of Entrepreneurship
02 Apr 2014

Dr Saimond Ip delivered his talk on the "5 Dynamics of Entrepreneurship" and was rewarded with enthusiastic responses from the audience.

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Transforming Technologists into Entrepreneurs
26 Mar 2014

Mr K O Chia explored the traits of transforming technologists into entrepreneurs with EA participants.

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Entrepreneurship Academy 2014
19 Mar 2014 - 07 May 2014

The well-received Entrepreneurship Academy launched by the Technology Transfer Office in 2010 will be back in March. This practical workshop series provides an introduction to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, with an aim to encourage our researchers and students thinking about real-world applications of turning their ideas and research into real businesses. This time, all RPG students ...

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Turning Ideas into Reality
19 Mar 2014

The first session of EA 2014 was kicked off by Prof Paul Cheung on March 19.

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