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OPEN HOUSE - How TTO Support HKU Research Community | 3 pm – 5 pm, July 27, CPD – G.03


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OPEN HOUSE - How TTO Support HKU Research Community


Time: 27th, July 3 pm – 5 pm

Venue: CPD – G.03

Event Details: TTO serves as a bridge between HKU's research community and industry on technology licensing and technology commercialization. We organize this special event in order to create an open communication environment between HKU researchers and us. During this 2-hour face-to-face communication, colleagues from BD team, Legal team and IP management team will have a brief introduction of TTO and answer any related questions.


Technology Transfer Primer: Geneva 2021 Awardees' Sharing: From Heat to Electricity: From Laboratory to Start-up | 29 Jul (Thu), 1 pm | Zoom


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「城市创科大挑战」徵集各界创科方案 智创香港新常态 (截止日期: 2021年6月30日)



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