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Transforming Technologists into Entrepreneurs


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Mr. Chia began the speech by sharing the experience on his entrepreneurial journey of how to transform from engineering to management before building a technology start-up company. He said every start-up company should begin with “Humble”, to understand the market changes, worldwide changes and to learn more from other business instead of his/her own business. He addressed that one of the key components of entrepreneurship to success was “Innovation”, partnership innovation of Canon and HP, business model innovation of HK MTR and licensing innovation of Philips were the examples he noted. Mr. Chia understood the dilemma and difficulties faced by technologists, on the other hand, he thought there were many ways to transform by developing experience, attributes, skills and relationships, but he pointed out that the ultimate criterion was integrity. He has also shared the golden triangle rules of Stewart leadership skill (including visionary, relationship manager and seek mentor) and management competencies (including managing the processes, people and systems). A technologist could geographically move his career from technical field to professional, managerial role and executive level, so as to transform as an entrepreneur. The workshop was concluded by sharing 12 thoughts of entrepreneurship. Lastly, Mr. Chia recommended some books for us to read.

InnoTech Expo 2016 (24 Sep - 1 Oct 2016)


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