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创新技术 (专利发明)

Enhancing Active Queue Management (AQM) for Combating Wireless Losses

With a constant growth in wireless bandwidth demand, the network switch/router market has been projected to have a double digits growth.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Low Cost NanoLED with Variable Color Spectrum

Currently, there are two major methods of making broadband LED light sources: 1. Phosphors for “color down” conversion; and 2. Multi-chip LEDs. Phosphorescent materials that emit light when exposed to certain wavelengths of radiation are traditionally used for color conversion in light-emitting diodes (LEDs).


A new biomarker for risk assessment and management of patients with cardiometabolic and cardiorenal syndrome

Cardiovascular, metabolic and renal diseases are the major culprit for high morbidity and mortality in aged population and represent the leading causes of death worldwide.


World’s First Light-Seeking Nanorobots for Potential Biomedical Applications

It is challenging to make and design sophisticated nanorobots with advanced functions like sensing and responding to the environment stimuli

Medical Devices

An antibody for predicting Tamoxifen response in breast cancer patients

Tamoxifen, an antagonist of estrogen receptor (ER), is the most commonly used chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of ER-positive breast cancer.


Live-Attenuated Influenza Viruses of Vaccine

Live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) is generally regarded to be superior to traditional inactivated vaccines for the noninvasive mean of administration and stimulation of stronger immune responses. Currently, the only FDA approved LAIV is FluMist. However, recent studies showed that FluMist is not very effective. In addition, the production cost is high since the vaccine needs to be produced in human cell lines.


HC: A Novel Copolymer for Sustained Drug Delivery

Even though chitosan is a versatile compound for sustained drug delivery systems in formats like hydrogel, sponge and powder, being insoluble in water, hydrophilic in nature and the need of an acidic medium to be functional have greatly limited its applications

Drug Delivery

Daidzein and other Analogs as Agents for Purging HIV Reservoir

In the field of HIV research, proviral latency in specific long-lived cell types is the basis for the concept of one or more viral reservoirs, referring to locations (cell types or tissues) characterized by persistence of latent virus. Specifically, the presence of replication-competent HIV in resting CD4-positive T cells, allows this virus to persist for years without evolving despite prolonged exposure to antiretroviral drugs. This latent reservoir of HIV explains the inability of antiretroviral treatment to cure HIV infection.

Therapeutic Chemicals