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Entrepreneurship Academy 2016 - Transforming Technologists into Entrepreneurs

14 Apr 2016

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Mr. K. O. Chia began the workshop on sharing his experience in how he transferred his career from an engineer to an entrepreneur with a successful telecom start-up. He discussed the importance of business model transformation, innovation model and disruptions with some successful examples including partnership innovation of Canon and HP, IBM, 3M, The Walt Disney Company, ebay, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Mr. Chia then explained the dilemma faced by technologists, and identified some ways to transform by developing experience, attributes, skills and relationships. He also shared the golden triangle rules of Stewart leadership skill, management competencies and 21st century leadership skills. Lastly, Mr. Chia emphasized that we have to get agreement with our family, our spouse or our partner before starting our start-up as this is a tough journey which requires their strong support.

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07 Aug 2018

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