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Versitech OPine! 

Versitech OPine! is an integrated platform to facilitate efficient mobile opinion polling. OPine! builds on the ever-rising trend of the iOS platform to help organizations to gather customer opinion in the most effective way.

OPine! consists of three major components: an iOS App, a Questionnaire Designer and an Application Server, with multiple language and platform support. The user-friendly inteface of the application is aimed to provide a barrier-free experience to the respondents.

OPine! is now supporting both iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.0 or above installed.


iOS App Feature Highlight

  • Unicode support

    Unicode support

    OPine! supports multiple languages, including Traditional/Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese. Languages are no longer a boundary!

  • Image support in questions and answers 

    Image support in questions and answers

    Forgot how the burger looks like in the fast food store? OPine now supports images in the questionnaires to assist the respondents and recall their memory!

  • Voice comment support

    Voice comment support

    We understand it's sometimes hard to write out what you are thinking about. OPine! can record the additional comments from the respondents so that you won't miss anything valuable!

  • Wireless upload of polling data to backend server 

    Wireless upload of polling data to backend server

    With the help of wireless data network, OPine! can upload the questionnaires to the server anytime, anywhere you want!

  • Records the location where respond is made 

    Records the location where respond is made

    OPine! can now record the location where the response is made, helping you to analyse the results in relation to geographical location.

 Questionnaire Designer Feature Highlight

  • Multiple platform support

    The pure Java implementation allow the Questionnaire Designer to run on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X or various Linux platforms.

  • Simple Point-and-Click interface

    Simple Point-and-Click interface

    The simple point and click interface makes questionnaire authoring easy and efficient.


  • Multilingual questionnaires support 

    Unicode support of questionnaires allow user to collect opinion from people from different countries.

  • Supports most question types

    OPine! supports most of the commonly used question types, including, but not limited to, e-mail field, rating field and order preference field. Please feel free to tell us which ones we are missing!

  • XML Output

    XML Output

    Questionnaires are stored in XML format. Interpretation and processing of questionnaires will become easy.

Application Server Feature Highlight 

  • User friendly web application interface

    User friendly web application interface

    OPine! deploys a web server interface that allow easy access to survey data. Server management is also made easy due to the user friendly interface.


  • Real-time generation of statistical results 

    Real-time generation of statistical results

    The polling results are generated in the backend server in real time. Users can check up-to-date feedbacks anytime they want.


  • Open-source database backend storage 

    Data in the server is stored in an open source database. Retrieval and analysis of data will become easy.

  • Multiple system support 

    The pure Java implementation allow the backend server to run on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X or various Linux platforms.

  • J2EE-compliant standalone web application 

    J2EE-compliant standalone web application

    The application is adhered to J2EE standards specification. It can be ported to any J2EE complient server without any changes.





Current Version: 1.1.13
Last Update: 16 Jan 2018
System Requirement: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

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