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FREE Teaser of Business IP Asia Forum


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FREE Teaser of Business IP Asia Forum

Two selected sessions of Business IP Asia Forum will be livestreamed for free! Seize the chance to hear from our heavyweight speakers.

Interested in joining an open-innovation competition? Want to get the IPs/technology portfolios from renowned MNCs like Panasonic and Nokia? You may be the next winner! Join the below live session to learn more.

3 Dec (Thurs) 2:00PM
IPHatch Hong Kong: Supercharging Innovation for Impact

Livestream link:

Prof. Li Zexiang, an academic-entrepreneur who was the driving force behind DJI, will have a fireside chat with the Founder & CEO of Brinc, Mr Manav Gupta. Click the below link to watch the insightful sharing session.

4 Dec (Fri) 10:00AM
Global Tech Summit - Fireside Chat: Disruption is the New Normal
Livestream link:


亞洲知識產權營商論壇 特選免費直播


有興趣參加開放式創新比賽嗎?想從Panasonic和諾基亞 (Nokia) 等知名跨國企業獲得IP /技術產品組合?您可能就是下一個贏家!參與以下現場討論直播,了解更多資訊。

IPHatch香港:激發創新 釋放潛力

作為大疆無人機“孵化者”的學術企業家李澤湘教授將與Brinc創辦人及行政總裁Manav Gupta進行爐邊對談。點擊下面的連結觀看這場啟發性的討論環節。

環球科技峰會 - 爐邊對談 : 顛覆就是新常態

Technology Transfer Primer: Startup 101: Attracting Investors’ Attention


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Technology Transfer: HKU-Industry Collaboration – Legal Aspect



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