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InnoTech Expo 2017

02 Oct 2017

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The InnoTech Expo 2017 which was organized by Our Hong Kong Foundation was held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from Sept 24th to Oct 2nd 2017. Over 110,000 visitors came to the exhibition, including students and teachers from primary and secondary schools and general public. 

This year’s InnoTech Expo showcased China’s significant achievements in technology and innovation — from ancient times up to the present — in three major fields, namely "Astronomy", "Informatics" and "Oceanography". At the "Best of Hong Kong Pavilion (香港之光)", HKU showcased the following two student projects from the Department of Computer Science, which were the winners of 2017 "Zhongxing Cup" Pan-Pearl River Delta Region + University IT Project Competition:

1. Robot navigation機器人導航
2. Robotic hand 手鐲

Our lecturers were also invited to hosted the following seminars on Science & Tech (科普講座) to promote the understanding and appreciation of science and technology with the important role they play in human advancement, particularly among our younger generation. 

1. "When Pythagoras does not hold" conducted by Dr Rachel Lui, Faculty of Science
2. "Biotechnology for beginners" conducted by Dr. Karen Mak, Faculty of Science

The Beauty of the Skin Industry

14 Jul 2017

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29 Oct 2015


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