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Winner of Red Herring's 2015 Top 100 Asia Award - Living Tissues Company Limited

03 Nov 2015

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We are pleased to announce that one of the HKU startup companies, Living Tissues Company Limited, has been awarded the 2015 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Award. This Red Herring Top 100 Award honors companies that deliver potentially strong technology and innovation in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Many world-renowned corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were once winners of this prestigious award. 

Living Tissues Company Limited is a new HKU startup company spun out from the Tissue Engineering Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong. The company is led by Associate Professor Dr Barbara Chan of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Resulted from more than eight years of relentless effort in research and development by the founding team members, the core technology of the company is to grow new tissues from stem cells found in one’s own bone marrow. The newly grown tissues could be used for repairing damaged or worn-out body parts of the person, such as degenerated cartilage due to osteoarthritis. Because the replacement parts are fully biocompatible, patients could be benefited substantially from the much shorter healing time.

Living Tissues Company Limited is also supported by the University of Hong Kong through its TSSSU@HKU funding program for technology startups.

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