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CoCoon STEP Internship Day


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CoCoon STEP Internship Day

CoCoon STEP Internship Day offers students the opportunity to learn about startup opportunities and currently available internships.

What is CoCoon?
CoCoon is a startup community which gathers over 150 people and includes some of the most innovative entrepreneurs from HK and around the world. They are at CoCoon to take their ideas to the next stage. These founders are serial entrepreneurs, hackers, designers. Their businesses range from e-commerce, hardware, software development, education experience, health tech and financial tech, retail tech.

What is STEP?
CoCoon STEP (Students Training in Entrepreneurship Program) is an opportunity for students to work inside startups. Students will also attend CoCoon Bootcamp, an intensive training to equip them with the knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship. 

CoCoon STEP has successfully trained over 50 students from 8 universities. Our partners include the world’s most renowned academic institutions - the University of Hong Kong and Cambridge University. Over 20 of Hong Kong’s most innovative startups have participated in the program.

Jobs you may be interested in:
 1. Marketing/ Accounting/ Design Assistant by BabySpa
 2. Event Planning Intern by Klook
 3. App/Game Development Intern by KoKonuzz Ltd
 4. Developer Advocate, Programmer by Polljoy
 5. Web Design Intern by Remailder
 6. Community Success Intern by Shopline
 7. Logistics Intern, Business Development Intern by Spacebox Limited
 8. Software Engineer by TinkLabs

Date: 28/01/2015 14:30-15:30
Venue: Room CBA, Chow Yei-Ching Building

Please register at

Entrepreneurship Academy 2015


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Call for Applications: TSSSU@HKU 2015



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